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Holographic Memory Resolution

About Holographic Memory Resolution

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) is a revolutionary and powerful yet gentle process that helps to unlock the body’s natural self-healing abilities concerning trauma and emotional overwhelm.

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In HMR, one is educated and guided on how to use the body-mind’s inherent capabilities to unpack then “reframe” and discharge unresolved events and emotions encoded in the nerves, tissues and energy field (“your body keeps the score” of what has happened in your past).Rather than reliving painful experiences from your past, an HMR practitioner engages the client’s subconscious mind with safe, simple and effective (and even fun) techniques that reveal the exact frequency of love and safety that was missing in moments of overwhelm in your life. These exact restorative frequencies needed to neutralize the pain or negativity are then anchored in your body-mind system so you can move forward in your life less triggered and more emotionally stable and whole.

HMR’s first clinical trial study was published in The Journal of Psychiatric Research and Clinical Practice, a top medical journal last Fall 2023. The study concluded with *statistically significant* decreases in depression (37% decrease), chronic pain (44% decrease), post traumatic stress (46% decrease), and anxiety (48% decrease) after 4 sessions (also with a 14% increase in vitality). HMR is a breakthrough yet simple process to learn and teach; therefore, obtaining sessions or training will allow you to finally discover the healer and therapist within yourself, empowering you with techniques you can use throughout the rest of your life that can result in improved mental health, vitality, inner peace and emotional control.

“The greatest health scandal of the last century is the percentage of pain that we hold intact in the body-mind that is simply the result of unaddressed memory. We are only now beginning to glimpse the power of the mastery of our brainwave states.”
 ⁃ Brent Baum, HMR Creator, STB, SSL, LISAC, CADC, CCH

Sessions are 60 minutes. You can book one sessionon for $99USD or $444USD for 5 session.

*Sessions can be Zoom recorded and sent to the purchaser after the sessions if desired. Please indicate your preference before your session.

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